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Fall Intern Credit - Culver City, CA

Job Description

The intern will be exposed to every step in the process of successfully distributing TV shows and feature films to the basic cable marketplace. These steps include research, marketing, sales presentations, deal negotiation and after-the-sale functions.

The internship will begin with a thorough study of the key cable networks in the domestic marketplace in order to understand each networks programming strategy. Using industry-standard research tools, the intern will learn how to interpret Nielsen ratings and other data to determine the relative success of SPTís and other distributorsí programming on these networks.

Once these fundamentals are understood, the intern will shadow his/her sponsor to learn how to prepare marketing materials for two kinds of distribution efforts: (1) The normal day to day sales of library TV and movie product, and (2) the big off-network launches of various shows, including Rescue Me, and Rules of Engagement.

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