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Producer - Burbank, CA

Job Description

Creates program content and manages the whole production process for both live and recorded radio programs

- Undertakes key administrative responsibilities as well as assists in planning and producing live and/or pre-recorded radio shows which may include news, music, talk, sports, traffic, and feature productions.
- Generates original ideas, identifies suitable ideas from others, and carries out thorough research.
- Researches information, obtains materials and assists with contacting and scheduling guests.
- Gives direction to presenters, content providers, assistants and other crew members.
- Manages budgets and ensures the efficient use of resources.
- Obtains permissions or licenses for recording or broadcasting on location, and for the use of music, sound effects and audio archive material.
- Monitors listener emails, inquiries and responses related to shows.
- Works in collaboration with presenters, performers or other program contributors, in order to perform quality assurance to meet established production standards, rules and regulations.
- Uses various broadcasting technologies such as soundboards and editing/production software.
- Schedules and monitors the radio stream during live recordings.
- Assists with time-keeping, saving show recordings, archiving show files and post-production editing as directed.
- May work the board for pre-recorded or live shows.

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