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On Air Talent

Job Description

- Focuses on providing timely and useful information to commuters planning their drives to and from work, as well as to those already en route by maintaining contact with external sources of information or by observing traffic from air or land vehicle.

- Announces the latest accidents and traffic delays.

- Reads traffic reports, commercials and public service messages to listeners on the radio from a variety of in-take sources; canvasses local, state and national traffic news to determine significance and prioritization.

- Identifies, researches, and creates copy regarding traffic to feature during on-air shift; finalizes content using digital audio editing software.

- Manages gathered information: keeps all the facts straight, makes sure details are accurate and current and tracks any changes.

- In designated Hub stations, gathers and provides coverage for stations in multiple cities/locations.

- Maintains crucial deadlines in order to provide traffic updates in a timely fashion.

- May be required to report live on location from helicopters, to paint a visual picture (birds eye view) by looking out of helicopter window.

- May prepare written content, visual images, audio material and video footage for websites, blogs or other social-media platforms.

- May require flexibility in work schedules.

- May be embedded in a TV station.

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