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On Air/Board Operator

Job Description

Creates, produces and announces topics on the radio, including music, entertainment, politics, news, weather, sports, traffic and other topics of interest.

- Delivers newscasts; announces radio playlist of musical selections; gives weather and traffic conditions; delivers sport scores, statistics and upcoming game information.

- Comments on music and other matters of interest to audience (e.g. time, weather, traffic conditions) and may interview musical personalities and members of listening audience.

- Typically specializes in one type of music (e.g. classical, pop, rock, country and western, etc.).

- Writes, reviews and/or edits news copy, introductions, public service announcements, commercials, pre-recorded reports, contests, etc.

- Participates in promotional events.

- May be responsible for operating control board for studios and remote programming.

- May directly sell advertising space to advertisers.

- Regulates program timing, operates syndicated programming, and plays commercials.

- Monitors the technical quality and accuracy of incoming and outgoing on-air programming from master control room.

- Protects stationís license by censoring live programs and deleting words/phrases not permitted on air.

- Processes time-out programming for accurate play back.

- Checks studio equipment for proper functioning and notifies Engineering of technical malfunctions affecting quality of the broadcast.

- Handles emergency inserts (e.g. news updates and breaking stories, emergencies, alert system tests, etc.).

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