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Digital Producer - New York, NY

Job Description

Manages the digital presence of the show and liaisons with the show sponsor.

- Produce, develop, create, and edit editorial content, including text, photo, and video for multiple platforms
- Responsible for growing audience engagement and interaction online and broadcast
- Works in editor capacity with host and senior producers to develop and refine editorial tone and voice through its daily blogs and social media outlets
- Publishes the show for the network platforms, edits content from the show to be repackaged for off-network/social platforms/OTT
- Manages social distribution
- Researches, writes articles, and blog posts
- Innovate and propose new ways to extend the show and brand
- Speedy decision-making and quick reactions to newsworthy/fresh topics
- Ability to work calmly under pressure and meet deadlines
- Produce and manage the show podcast
- Deliver digital content to sponsor page
- Comply with the Standards and Practices of NBC News

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