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Operations Technician - Sacramento, CA US

Job Description

We have an opening for a part-time Operations Technician. The Operations Technician maintains the technical integrity of the stations on-air signals and its equipment from acquisition to distribution. The Operations Technician will be responsible to communicate effectively with the production department, as this is integral for a smooth outcome of newscasts. This position supports all station efforts in-house and on remote location.

-Operate robotic cameras and studio floor directing.
-Moving and handling of props and sets during in-house and on-location productions (this could mean assisting in moving heavy equipment).
-Maintain appearance of studios including cleaning of set and floors.
-Maintain and understand lighting grid and control board with knowledge to maintain proper programming. Ability to climb ladders to change light bulbs and adjust fixtures as needed.
-Dress microphones and IFBs for all on camera appearances.
-Basic multi-media computer skill and familiarity with current Internet technology including downloading of materials for promos and commercial client spots.
-Assist with promotional effort at station-sponsored community events as assigned.
-Work as needed in control room in technical positions (including camera control, audio and TD).
-Non-linear editing as needed for TV News-Creative Services Productions.
-Other duties as assigned by the TV Operations Manager.

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